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LaPoint Realty is proud to call the Chateaugay Lake – Chazy Lake region our home. In fact, our family members have been residents of the area for 4 generations. LaPoint Realty is the only local realty company focused exclusively on lakefront properties on Chateaugay Lake and Chazy Lake and we love to offer home selling and home buying market knowledge and enthusiasm to every client we serve.

Chateaugay Lake actually consists of two lake sections and a narrows waterway that connects them. Upper Chateaugay is considerably larger, at 2,594 acres and a shoreline of 18.3 miles. It has a length of 3.3 miles and maximum width of 1.5 miles. Upper Chateaugay is considerably deeper as well, with an average depth of 33 feet and a maximum depth of 78 feet. By comparison, Lower Chateaugay is 545 acres in size, with a shoreline of 4.5 miles. The total length of Lower Chateaugay is less than 2 miles and its maximum width is roughly a half mile. Lower Chateaugay averages 12 feet in depth with a maximum of 26 feet. Both sections generally run north-to-south and have an average elevation of just over 1300 feet. The Chateaugay Narrows are a bit misnamed … the connecting waterway is actually a rather wide channel and covers a few miles distance between the sections of the lake.

Chateaugay Lake is roughly 30-35 miles south of the Canadian border and approximately 40 minutes from Lake Placid. Local nearby villages include Malone, Ellenberg and Chateaugay. Plattsburgh, the largest community in the region, is approximately 30-40 miles away. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain with a population of 30,000, Plattsburgh has a full compliment of services and modern amenities, including restaurants and retail.

Chateaugay Lake is filled with amazing natural sights at every turn, complete with wetlands, marshes, reefs, plenty of fish, loons and other birds that provide a beautiful soundtrack to waterfront living, an island in the middle of the larger lake and a natural sand bar, perfect for swimming & sunning. The community also enjoys group activities throughout the year you can take part in, such as boat parades and arts festivals. To take in a slice of all of the beauty Chateaugay Lake has to offer, please click on the image for a relaxing video escape!

Chataeaugay Lake is perfect for fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and hiking. Fishing access for both parts of the lake is at the DEC launch in the middle of the narrows, which has space for up to 25 cars and trailers. Navigation from the launch to Lower Chateaugay includes travelling under two low bridges. Among the scenic attractions that can be viewed best by boat on Upper Chateaugay are Bluff Point, Moffit Island, the legendary sand bar, and the marshes and wetlands mostly found near the southern end of the lake. For a truly secluded escape, consider canoeing or kayaking into the South Inlet of the lake. Your travels can extend for more than a mile and be completely surrounded by nature.

Both sections of the lake are filled with fish! The Upper Chateaugay is stocked annually with approximately 2700 landlocked salmon and 6300 lake trout. Species that are common throughout the lake include lake trout, landlocked salmon, rainbow trout, small mouth bass, northern pike, rainbow smelt, yellow perch, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, and rock bass. There are more species of fish available for the catching in Upper Chateaugay, but Lower Chateaugay has plenty of perch and bullheads, as well as small mouth bass, who love to hide where the rocks are. The northern pike’s presence is due to an illegal introduction and they are growing in number and size, often exceeding 15 pounds in weight. Special fishing regulations are in effect throughout the lake.

Before we end our narrative about Chateaugay Lake, let’s share some trivia with you. When looking at the lakes on a map, Upper Chateaugay is actually “lower” (further south) than Lower Chateaugay. This is because the lake eventually feeds north into the Chateauguay River, which cascades over waterfalls and eventually travels into Quebec before merging into the St. Lawrence River, just south and across the river from Montreal. Perhaps it’s the French-Canadian influence since more of the river resides north of our border … did you notice Chateauguay River has an extra “u” in it’s spelling?

Regardless of how it’s spelled, Chateaugay Lake home sellers and home buyers can have confidence in LaPoint Realty. Our in-depth familiarity with the area and our market knowledge gives our clients the competitive edge to get the positive home buying or home selling outcome they deserve. Among all the Adirondack lakefront property options to consider, we’re confident you’ll find Chateaugay Lake and Chazy Lake to be among the best! Please contact us to schedule your appointment and a custom tour of the area, by calling 518-534-0051 or 518-492-9230.

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LaPoint Realty is a full service real estate company. As lifelong residents of the Chazy Lake and Chateaugay Lake area, we are able to share our detailed knowledge of our home community with prospective purchasers. We list properties exclusively on Chazy Lake and Chateaugay Lake. Our team is available 7 days a week, including all evenings and weekends. Since we specialize in waterfront properties, we are able to assist you in all aspects that are unique to lakefront homes.

About Chazy Lake

Chazy Lake is 1,807 acres in size, with 11 miles of beautiful shoreline, a length of 3.5 miles and a maximum width of 1.5 miles. At an elevation of 1,541 feet, Chazy Lake averages 33 feet deep and drops to a maximum depth of 72 feet. Visitors and long-time residents are struck by the natural beauty that surrounds Chazy Lake in every direction. The lake is situated in a valley at the foot of the Lyon, Ellenburg and Johnson Mountains and is ideal for fishing, boating, swimming and hiking and for enjoying natural beauty in a relaxed environment.